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1914-22 Scripps-Booth

Welcome to the new home of the Scripps-Booth Register: Founded 1982
This is a free semi-annual Newsletter and Register update, currently mailed to 50 owners and freely available online
Free copies of sales catalogs, instruction, and parts list with Car and Engine serial number
If  you have access to old State vehicle registration records from 1914 to 1922 that list Scripps-Booth serial numbers, please let us know
The Scripps-Booth cyclecar was built in Detroit, Michigan in 1914 only, while a luxurious light car was built from 1915 to 1919
Chevrolet gained control of the Scripps-Booth Corp. in 1917
General Motors made Scripps-Booth a car division in 1918, and equipped it with a six cylinder engine from its Northway Division
GM discontinued the Scripps-Booth in April, 1922

The VCCA accepts the following Scripps-Booth models:
  • Model C Roadster, 1915-17
  • Model G Roadster, 1917-19
  • Model D 4 Passenger Roadster, 1916-17
  • Model H 4 Passenger, 4 Door Touring, 1918.

Marketplace:  For Sale
April/May 2020 - 1918 Scripps Booth Model G Roadster. This car was owned by the late Kenneth Kaufmann and has not been run since 2014. As far as I'm aware the car is complete.

Please contact Erik Kaufmann, 626-695-5337, Erikjkaufmann@gmail.com

Ken Kaufmann's Scripps Booth

Mar. 2018 - Keith Lawrence is interested in selling his 1917 car, located in the United Kingdom.  It's the former Frank Kleptz owned car which was sold to Nicholas Bell and then Keith.  The car is described as perfect.  The headlamps and the mounting forks had been restored but carefully wrapped; they have been fitted and work well.  The hood handles have been  re-chromed bonnet and these pieces are wrapped and stored.  Please contact the register or Keith directly:   k_a_lawrence@yahoo.com

Jan. 2018 - Joy Wagner is interested in selling her father’s (Jack Foster) two Scripps-Booths. Both the black 1916 Scripps-Booth grey beige 1918 Scripps-Booth was appraised at $74,500.  Both run and are in beautiful shape.  Please contact the register or Joy directly:  joywsstuff@aol.com.

Dec. 2017 - Greg Pope is interested in selling his family’s red model C.  This is an ex-Harrah’s car. Please contact Greg directly: burtdog09@gmail.com

Oct. 2017 - Mike Acheson is interested in selling his mother's 1918 Roadster.  It is located in Michigan.  More details will follow soon. 
If you are interested please email me and I will get you in touch with Mike. scrippsboothregister@gmail.com

1918 Scripps
                              Booth for Sale
2016 and ongoing - Dag Runar Grinaker (Norway) might have Scripps-Booth parts for sale.  His email is  d.r.grinaker@gmail.com 
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Marketplace:  Wanted
Summer 2017 - Robert Daniello is looking for a radiator emblem (any condition) and 8 cylinder ignition parts.  He'd also be interested in connecting directly with other 8 cylinder owners.  Please email me and I'll help you get in touch with Robert. scrippsboothregister@gmail.com
Summer 2017 - I am always looking for 6 cylinder parts and 1919 car parts for my Scripps-Booth.  Please email me if you have any or know of any. scrippsboothregister@gmail.com
Ongoing - Jim Broadley - wants V8 parts, like several rocker arms and a Zenith dual carby.  Contact us at scrippsboothregister@gmail.com  if you can help
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A short Scripps-Booth Bibliography.
If you know of other articles, please send us details.
I'm happy to share, but I don't want to post online due to possible copyright issues.
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"Honorary Member: James Scripps Booth," Antique Automobile, Dec. 1952, 16(4), pp. 11-13
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Scripps-Booth Register Issues:
this is our 'newsletter' of sorts
This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.18
December  2005
This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.17
December  2004
This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.16
December  2003
This is a PDF file
 Scripps-Booth Register No.14
January  2002
  Scripps-Booth Register No.13
December 2000
Scripps-Booth Register No. 12
December 1999
 Scripps-Booth Register No. 11
December 1998
Scripps-Booth Register No.10
December 1997
Scripps-Booth Register No. 9
July 1996  Pages 1-3
Scripps-Booth Register No.8
  December 1994

This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.7
May 1994

This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.6
October 1993

This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.5
September 1992

This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.4*
December 1991
This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.3*
March 1991
This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.2*
August 1988
This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.1A*#
May 1982
This is a PDF file
Scripps-Booth Register No.1*
January 1982
This is a PDF file
*early issues may have redacted addresses because these addresses no longer correspond to members and are associated with deceased owners. The list of owners was removed from this issues for that same reason.
#this is number 1A due to the March 1991 issue beginning the numbering at #3.
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Scripps-Booth Car Register
This is a listing of all known Scripps-Booths. If you are a Scripps-Booth owner, or know the serial number of a car, chassis, or engine,  email me at scrippsboothregister@gmail.com
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Scripps-Booths in Film
The Internet Movie Car Database now has a Scripps-Booth category. However, it is largely incomplete and it appears the site has removed most of the information it had (in 2015, no less).  Scripps-Booths have been seen in various films and TV shows. It's helpful to all of us to both document and encourage this.
"It's a Doozie," 60 Minutes, Nov. 11, 1979 - the unfinished Kirby Scripps-Booth was featured for a few minutes
Centennial, miniseries, NBC, 1978-1979
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Scripps-Booth Factory
The Scripps-Booth factory at 3900 Beaufait in Detroit was constructed in 1902 and is still standing. It is still in use (as of 2008) by Hamilton Steel Products. This link goes to Ren Farley's webpage
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If you are a Scripps-Booth owner, or know the serial number of a car, chassis, or engine,

email me at scrippsboothregister@gmail.com